Excited to announce HIT has a whole series of 5 fabulous plays and theatrical experiences under CPH STAGE, as part of the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME this year,  3 – 5 June: digital, live stream, live theatre on stage and in-person events. 

HIT’s participation in CPH STAGE with its international festival –
HIT hits the Stage
is graciously supported by the Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansen Fond.


A Down the Rabbit Hole own production.
by Riley McCarthy
On stage: Jody Fish, Annelise Nielsen
Directed by Christoffer Berdal

The world premiere of a brand new, ground-breaking drama from the USA, a sensational two-hander, selected, directed and cast especially for HIT by acclaimed Danish director Christoffer Berdal. 

Southern Bedfellows follows the love relationship and passionate identity struggles between what start out as two little children, both of them seemingly growing up on a fluid, non-binary gender spectrum – facing choices unseen by any but themselves. As teenagers they challenge the universal boundaries of sexuality, gender, poverty and religion. Sparks fly,  identity changes and what happens through it all, to their gentle yet violent willingness to love only each other? You HAVE to watch to find out…

Don’t miss this seminal fresh work by one of the most significant voices in playwrighting today , the young, contemporary and American, non-binary playwright McCarthy.
Southern Bedfellows is part of HIT’s season focusing on new LGBTQ+ stories, in collaboration with Bøssehuset.
(Venue: Bøssehuset 19 May – 5 June)



A guest production & live stream performance piece from Australia.

World famous, multi-awarded gothic glamazon, environmental scientist and burlesque genre-smasher Moira Finucane, streams  live from the depths of her bathtub to us her audience in Copenhagen.

Created in lockdown, this Art vs Extinction intimate epic lures you into a Livestream Interactive Dream of hope, extinction, liquor, propaganda and Antarctic ice.
Commissioned by Mesto Zensk (Slovenia), Climakaze Festival (Miami), winner of Climakaze Award for outstanding work on climate justice – this spectacular, intimate piece – like of all Moira’s global work about the drama of fearsome climate change  – leaves noone untouched.
(Venue: Literaturhaus)

The Rapture is brought to Denmark with the gracious support of Willam Demant Fonden.



A guest production & live stream performance piece from London.
By Ferodo Bridges 
With Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Gil Sutherland, Samuel Mattioli, Alex Kiffin, Lilian Tsang

Following a sell-out international run, and scathingly relevent to us all this year – Ferodo Bridges present an uplifting immersive binaural experience about isolation and plague.
“10 years have passed since a fiercely contagious virus spread among a major city’s population, causing a mysterious white blindness and eventually, society’s collapse.”
Come join us!  Be part of this interactive live experience placing the audience en masse in the middle of the action on stage,  using state-of-the-art sound design in situ.
(Venue: Literaturhaus)

The White Plague is brought to Denmark with the gracious support of Statens Kunstfond.



by Michael Ross.
A Down the Rabbit Hole own production.
On stage: Daniel Ash

Directed by Jeremy M. Thomas
Daniel Niel Ash er alene på scenen i små 90 minutter, men sjældent har man set en mere fornøjelig monolog end denne… Ingen vil gå uberørt hjem efter Daniel Niel Ashs præstation.”
(CphCulture, October 2020)

“Jeremy M. Thomas har iscenesat med masser af humor og ømhed… Daniel Neil Ash er meget troværdig som den rastløse og sky Callum, og han har en vidunderlig indlevelse i de historier han fortæller.”
(/Review: XQ28, Oct 2020)

This bitter-sweet tender comedy was a sell out in 2020, now is your chance to follow on stage one 17-year-old, and his digital universe, a potent manifesto and brilliant one-man play, which reveals Callum’s intimate thoughts about sexuality, society and his quest for acceptance.
(Venue: Literaturhaus)


A guest production and fantasy cabaret from Israel.
On stage: Rotem Nachmany

A performance about the life and death of a female fantasy and rivweting, physical, one-woman show. An intimate, yet unsettling performance featuring one woman’s journey to conceive, while dealing with her most dark and feminine sides.

A reality embedded in the toilet that has become a small, private temple in an attempt to create life in the shadow of death. When deep in shit, poetry comes out, and when the stench is so present it becomes a fragrance in her Fantasy Cabaret.
(Venue: Literaturhaus)

All these plays are performed as a part of HIT’s international festival –
HIT hits the Stage.



HITting Home
Being released one by one throughout the next few weeks…

🎬Portughese TV featuring our Isolation Monologues and interviews with our HIT people.

HITting Home Monologues 2020/21

So tune in for our brand new, exciting, ongoing writing experiment!

Under HIT, six international playwrights are now being brought together online to  collaborate from their homes in the UK, Denmark, France, Portugal, Sweden and Greece –  to  creatively share their isolation experiences online during Covid year 2020.
The result is six brand new filmed monologues in English, which audiences are able to watch being read aloud,  as they are released and featured here on our HIT website and online. 

Your own story, in the words of another,  in the mouth of the protagonist.

Watch as each partner playwright becomes performer, reading aloud the monologue especially written for them, based on their own story, written by their online, writing partner.
John Foster (UK) pairing with Joan Rang (DK)
Miguel Pelleterat (FR) pairing with Ero Glaros (EL)
Stephen Rappaport (SE) pairing with Ricardo Correia (PT)

Writers from 6 countries – strangers to each other, listening to each other’s stories, writing eachother’s stories – separated by distance, united in isolation.

The HITting Home –  International Isolation Monologues project is graciously being supported by Louis-Hansen Fund.



Performances will be held with the utmost concern for health and safety, following all current Danish state guidelines. The use of face masks by the audience is encouraged. Hand sanitizers will be provided. All HIT audience size is limited.

House of International Theatre (HIT) is an extended platform for international theatre in Denmark. Founded in 2017, HIT has created performances over the last 4 seasons in Copenhagen, Malmö and Hamburg, delighted audiences and met with strong critical acclaim. We perform primarily in English, creating theatre we believe is unique, daring and engaging.
HIT is curated by Local Artistic Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen (Down the Rabbit Hole) and International Artistic Director Jana Pulkrabek (Manusarts).


HIT is grateful for the support received in Copenhagen for our work over the last 3 years from:

  • Statens Kunstfond
  • A. P. Møller Foundation
  • Nordic Culture Foundation
  • Consul Jorck Foundation
  • Nordea Fund
  • Oticon Fund
  • Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen
  • Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Hamburg Ministry of Culture
  • American Embassy
  • British Embassy
  • German Embassy
  • Hungarian Embassy
  • Czech Embassy




(Photo credits above: From left to right: Christina Hildebrandt,  Jens Blegaa, scene shot “The Clean House”(Photos @Filip Orestes), Vanessa Poole (Photo@Diego Monsiváis), Jens Blegaa & Tina Robinson, Dina Rosenmeier, Isabel Escudero Zorde (Photos@Filip Orestes)