No Exit Reloaded

Yulia, sniper and spree killer.
Liam, commissioner of state murder.
Kamila, guerrilla and black widow.
Brought together in a single incident.
Sharing their private space of Hell
Why not tear each other apart?!
Hell is other people.

A modern and dark adaptation based on motifs from the 1944 French play by Jean-Paul Sartre written by BAFTA Award Winner and Offie nominee John Foster.

No Exit – Reloaded is a new look at one of the world’s most famous noir plays set in the near future 2027, in the post-Brexit and post-Trump era of modern terrorism.

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Dina Rosenmeier, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy, Astrid Lund
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Produced by: Manusarts


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