Over 250 years ago, the American Dream filled people with hopes and dreams. Many years later, what has happened to the American Dream – and what is it today?

All the performers and the director originate from the United States but have at some point decided to move to Denmark. They each have a special reason for living in a foreign country and very different interpretations of the American Dream and what it means to them.

Developed from America’s founding documents along with poetry and other important works that formed the United States of America, this production will mix history, music and poetry with physical theatre.


Director: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Cast: Alex Lehman, Tina Robinson, Tom Hale

Band: Jeppe Cloos, Asger Soegaard and Anders Hermansen

Dramaturg: Rasmus Rhode

Producer: Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre

Co-producer: Teater Ord/Blindt

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