House of International Theatre (HIT) is an extended platform for international and English language performing arts, cultural activities and cultural exchanges, promoting diverse artistic interpretations, brave ideas and multicultural dynamics.

HIT presents international theatre that is unique, daring and engaging and is curated by Local Artistic Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen (Down the Rabbit Hole) and International Artistic Director Jana Pulkrabek (Manusarts).

The resident theatre company of HIT in Copenhagen is Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre:

HIT‘s international outreach company is Manusarts GmbH, based in Hamburg:

How it all began

“Once upon a time, Jeremy from Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre and Jana from Manusarts met at a theatre event in Copenhagen. Jana was visiting from Germany, and Jeremy is an American living in Copenhagen.

While working on their first collaboration Sex and Betrayal – Between the Sheets, an international co-production touring Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö, they chose Huset-KBH’s Stage as their Copenhagen perfomance venue. The spontaneous idea to turn the space into an international theatre, randomly expressed by Jana, was turned into reality when Jeremy took action and contacted Huset-KBH with their suggestion. And that’s how it all began…”

House of International Theatre was born in 2017 and has become a space where Down the Rabbit Hole, Manusarts and other professional English-language theatre companies can come together in a shared space and put on great shows.

What is HIT?
Whether spoken word, music(al), dance, text, panto or improv, HIT presents international theatre that is unique, daring and engaging.

HIT’s vision
To be an open house for cultural encounters between:
– Local and international audiences
– Individuals and local communities
– Young and established artists through the development of new platforms, and art and government organizations

HIT’s goals
– To present international theatre that is unique and engaging
– To establish Copenhagen’s first multilingual performance house
– To build a home for professional international artists
– To create a meeting point for Danish, international and foreign audiences and artists
– To develop international cultural bridges through cultural exchange and collaboration
– To provide ongoing opportunities for professional Danish artists to network internationally

What’s on?
HIT presents its own work through its resident theatre company Down the Rabbit Hole or in collaboration with Manusarts, with Playmate Theatre Malmo or other professional theatre companies.
HIT also presents guest productions, at different  locations,  sourced either locally from Denmark or from abroad.

HIT has over 3 years, developed a variety of formats to make the HIT label accessible. Platforms such as:  HIT Lab – Actors Studio, the afternoon Tea & Tales or after-work Happy Hour.

HIT collaborates with Copenhagen’s annual theatre calendar, designing the monthly program according to the featured festivals and happenings.

Who is behind HIT?
Local Artistic Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, artistic director of Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre, has produced and directed many productions in Copenhagen and abroad.

International Artistic Director Jana Pulkrabek, from the Hamburg-based ManusArts, has worked in the field of cultural exchange for many years, where she has launched numerous international theatre, film and art co-production.


The HIT Team:

Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen (Local Artistic Director)
Jana Pulkrabek (International Artistic Director)
Vanessa Poole (Producing Team & Administrator)

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If you are interested in interning with us, please contact:
Local Artistic Director, Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen at