Get involved

Volunteer with us and join our creative and fun environment while helping to grow Copenhagen’s only English-language theatre venue. By volunteering, you will get to learn first hand about working in the theatre. You will also be able to see our productions for free and get discounts in the bar and other stages at Huset-KBH.


PR and Marketing Intern

What we are looking for

One or more people who are interested in helping us spread the word about our organisation through direct PR and marketing techniques aimed at our varied but specific audiences.


Some tasks include

  • Researching and contacting local international business, hotels, schools and other places to let them know about our program
  • Write press-releases (English and Danish) – but don’t worry, Danish is not a must
  • Develop and run our online presence, incl. website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Develop our posters and bi-monthly calendars of upcoming events


Technical Intern

What we are looking for

One or more people who are interested in light, sound or video design and who are available for loading in/getting out of the theatre, as well as running lights and sound throughout the performances.


Some tasks include

  • Hanging lighting and sound equipment along with the designers
  • Assisting the designers during the production
  • Running the lights and/or sound on during the performances.


Front of house/Ticketing Volunteers

What we are looking for

Several people who are interested in helping out in the lobby before the productions


Some tasks include

  • Setting up the lobby
  • Selling tickets
  • Checking tickets at the door
  • Cleaning up the theatre after the performance


If you are interested in interning with us, please contact:

Local Artistic Director, Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen at


HIT Lab is a meeting point for collaborative creation, functioning as a working environment for engaging with other professional theatre-makers within an ongoing disciplined structure.

For two intensive weeks each month, HIT Lab assembles actors, directors and other theatre makers under one roof, streamlining a process of experimentation and new work development. Each iteration will focus on a crucial aspect of the theatre craft, bringing together diverse professionals to incorporate each other’s talents, investigating personal preferences and blind spots while honing collective skills. Dedicating each successive session to theatrical elements that a full production rarely has time to investigate, HIT Lab will serve as the artist’s workout room, pursuing daily mastery of theatrical tools while simultaneously expanding creative networks in a collaborative, action-oriented environment.

For further information, please contact