Writers come join us!

Thursday 19 November/ 26 Nov/ 3 Dec/ 10 December
4 sessions over 4 weeks
Sign up for individual evenings or all 4 sessions

Max 9  participants
Dates:    Four Thursdays in a row
Time:    18:00 – 21:00 hrs.
Cost:     100 kr per day per class

The Writers’ Room is a weekly session for new writers in Copenhagen. Come learn techniques for creativity, be introduced to new genres and writing styles. Build a community of fellow writers who can keep you motivated, creative and writing at your best.

All sessions are led by award-winning director Joseph Sherlock who has been teaching new writers for more than fifteen years. If you want to improve your writing, you need consistency and constructive feedback from those with the right experience.

HIT’s Writers Room’ offers you technique, training and feedback – whether you are playwright, poet, novelist, blogger, aspiring actor/writer or something else…

The Writers’ Room is a place to share your work and get feedback, but also learn new techniques, practice old ones and build a community to be accountable to, to help with your productivity.

It is an entry points for writers and actor/writers into HITLab training and perhaps a way for you as a writer to understand what further kind of training workshop or development you need or might be needed by your community.

To ensure health and safety, places for participants are limited to 9 writers.

So book a spot asap via email:


All and any level of writer are welcome.
You are welcome to show up on the night, but if we have more than 9 writers we’ll have to turn you away.  So contact us via email to make sure you don’t miss out.

Møllegade 7
DK-2200 København N

4 sessions over 4 weeks
Sign up for individual evenings or all 4 sessions

Max 9 spaces available

Dates:  Four Thursdays in a row
Thursday 19 November/ 26 Nov/ 3 Dec/ 10 Dec.
Cost:    100 kr per day per class

Joseph Sherlock is a British actor, director, writer and teacher now working in Copenhagen, with a background as professional writer/ theatre practitioner and lecturer/tutor, with degrees in law, politics and international relations and education.

Joseph has 15 years experience teaching and producing theatre, Shakespeare and performing arts in England, The Czech Republic, China and Australia. He is also currently working as a theatre director on different projects in Denmark, with among others House of International Theatre,  the CTC  and Playmate Theatre in Malmö, Sweden. His latest plays directed in Copenhagen and Sweden are winning him critical acclaim.

Joseph is also currently leading HITLab 2020:  Rehearsal Room on Thursdays.