Director of HIT Lab

Michael Wighton has been making theatre across the globe for upwards of fifteen years. Touring from Japan to France and performing from Moscow to the ancient stadium of Delphi, his work as an actor and director has allowed him to collaborate with many of the theatre’s leading figures worldwide. Grounded in the Russian school of acting, his teaching seeks to combine rigorously classical technique with the many possibilities of modern stage language: visual storytelling, dynamic physicality, and a strong respect for ensemble-based creation all founded upon his own training from Yale University and the Moscow Art Theatre School.

Based for long periods out of Russia and out of Greece, his position as a company member at the Meyerhold Centre allowed him to begin creating his own work early, while shadowing master directors from around the world and performing in high-profile productions.

Thereafter in Athens, he was allowed the privilege of apprenticing one of the country’s leading figures, furthering his own directorial work under the guidance of the National Theatre’s Artistic Director, as well as taking on a professorship at the American College of Greece.